the adopt-a-school program

Implemented based on the principles of volunteerism and

multiple partnerships, the Adopt-a-School Program (ASP) of the

Department of Education gives the private sector an opportunity to become dynamic partners in education.

benefits of
adopting a school

Active involvement in the ASP can be mutually beneficial to both parties. While DepEd gets its schools improved, the adopting private entity obtains tax incentives, strengthened corporate image, and goodwill.

already a partner?

Classroom construction or repair, furniture, toilet and wash facilities, chairs, tables, blackboards, desks

Audio-visual educational materials, e-books, educational films, and school supplies

Computers, laptops, internet connectivity, electronic learning materials, TV set, projectors

School feeding, medical-dental missions, deworming interventions, provision of vitamins, nutritional supplements

Reference and textbooks in different subjects, supplementary reading materials

Training program, capacity building workshops for school heads and teachers/ students

Stipends, school uniform, and other forms of financial and material assistance

Special chairs, special key boards, peripheral devices for students with special learning needs

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